Privacy Policy

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At we know that privacy of visitor’s personal information is most important, so here is the personal information we obtain, gather and assemble when you use to visit and see how we protect and preserve your information therefore we will not at all sell our visitor’s personal information to any third party. So information which was collected with or without eagerness of visitors can be categorized as:

Direct Information
The visitor’s or public information or documentation which has been submitted by visitor itself through various sources such as by posting some document or by commenting or contact us can be shown direct information as gathered with conformity.

Indirect Information
Indirect information included that kind of information which can be automatically extracted when some visitor visit website that includes activities of visitor, behavior etc on website but we are really worried about personal information of visitor therefore it is been clearly asked that information gathered include just IP address and prototype to respond in efficient way in future.

How/what we collect information
It should be noted that we just collect information through directly or indirectly means which is discusses clearly above so if some visitors want to sanction us by using their public profile by commenting or contacting through social media then it is cleared that indirect information does not include any personal information but include just IP address and prototype to respond in efficient way in future so there is no use of illegal way.

Server of website collect only name and IP address that is eagerly provide by visitor, so information that is been saved in history help server in future for better respond to same person when he visit nest time, all other type of information like Email and public profile of different social media sites collected after complete approval and sanction.

Information Security
So to provide protection to our website from any possible unauthorized access, will stringently walk following the industry standard and regular procedure to make sure our visitor’s data is securely stored but it is also cleared that 100% security is not likely exist in the world of internet, but it is our aim to pay our full attentions to protect and save the privacy data of our visitor but up to some extent we could not guarantee the perfect protection of our visitor’s data.

Pointed to be Noted
Point of notify is that we clear our respected visitors about advertising partners that privacy policy would be or would not be as same as So visitors should be careful while clicking or visiting any advertisement and move on to the official website of that advertiser so visitor must clear and careful about the privacy policy of that website instead by visiting or clicking advertisement also refrain from the page visited on our website