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All kind of information that published on website, is only for general purpose and for increase in knowledge of the people but content may be altered from day to day or factors which are essential to make our website bbcnewspoint.com

work better and improved technically or mechanically to increase and provide more information for its visitors therefore our team try their best to keep their information, material or content correct grammatically as well, but there is no 100% surety provided by the authority of website about the appropriateness, dependability, accuracy, completeness or suitability with respect to material or information, images, photos or related material that is been published on our website.

Therefore our website bbcnewspoint.com is not responsible for the links or content provided by the advertisement partners but only for the content of those posts which are whether directly or indirectly posted by the official authority of website therefore the material content which is not controlled by the server of our website, would not be kept under the responsibility of our website but we team consist of professional trainers work hard 24/7 for the better growth of website to provide full, organized and correct information to our visitors.

So information, content, images, photos or other kind of relevant material that is been posted on our website bbcnewspoint.com directly downloaded from the search of Google but there may be possibilities these copy write images may be in use of any other website that are used inadvertently by us so the authority of website would be responsible of this material within 24 hours after complained therefore if you want to remove images or photos of such type please Contact us.

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